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Bellevue, Washington
Lewis Creek Visitor's Center
Located on a 50 acre site in Bellevue, Washington, we designed a park for the watershed of Lewis Creek.  As part of Bellevue Parks, we designed with public use and flexibility in mind.  The building opens out with views and gathering spaces for all to use on a daily basis. 
The buillding is all about water.  It's green roof mitigates the flow of water back onto the site through a large scupper.  The ground-scape washes into and out of the building, which houses the office of the ranger, community gathering space and public bathrooms.
The site is a gathering space for the community with softball, baseball, soccer fields,  basketball courts and a children's playground.  All are integrated to maximize the number of people while still allowing the rest of the site to serve the natural inhabitants of deer, cougars, birds, frogs, fish and other animals.
* Project completed while Project Architect at Boxwood
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